Served Monday to Saturday 9am-12pm and Sunday 9am-4pm. Everything you see is available for delivery and takeaway, except our gut buster breakfast which is only available for eating in. Deliveries Saturday 9am-12pm and Sunday 9am-2pm.

V = Vegetarian | VO = Vegetarian option | VN = Vegan | VNO = Vegan option please ask | GF = Gluten free | GFO = Gluten free option please ask

If you have any allergies or dietary requirements please speak to a member of staff who can help answer any questions. Bruv’s breakfast is prepared in a kitchen which handles nuts and other allergens.

Cooked breakfasts



Fry Ups / Cooked breakfasts

We think it’s important to make breakfast how you like it. So you’ll get a choice of fried, scrambled or poached eggs, choice of brown or white bread and a choice of fresh grilled or peeled plum tomatoes.

Small Full English (GFO)

Bacon, sausage, egg, hashbrown, slice of toast, Heinz beans, tomato and mushrooms.

Full english (GFO)

2 Bacon, 2 sausages, egg, 2 hashbrowns, 2 slices of toast, Heinz beans, tomato and mushrooms.

Bruv’s gut buster 

4 bacon, 4 sausages, 4 eggs, 4 hashbrowns, 4 tomatoes, 2 toast,2 fried bread, beans, mushrooms, black pudding and bubble and squeak.

Breakfast wrap (VO)

Fried egg, bacon, sausage, hashbrown & cheese.


Small Veggie (V,VNO,GFO)

Vegan sausage, egg, hashbrown, slice of toast, Heinz beans, mushrooms and tomato.

Veggie (V,VNO,GFO)

2 vegan sausages, eggs, 2 hashbrowns, 2 slices of toast, Heinz beans, mushrooms and 2 tomatoes.

Bruv’s Bubble (V,GFO)

Fried bubble & squeak topped with a runny egg. Add bacon for 1.00.



A fluffy white bap or wrap with any of the items from our extras list.

1 Filling


2 Fillings


3 Fillings


Extras – All 1.00

Hashbrown (V,VN,GF)

Toast (V,VNO,GFO)

Mushrooms (V,VN,GF)

Poached Egg (V,GF)

Bacon (GF)

Monteray Jack Cheese (V,GF)

Fried Bread (V,VNO,GFO)

Peeled Plum Tomatoes (V,VN,GF)

Scrambled egg (V,GF)

Sausage (GFO)

Vegan Sausage (V,VN,GFO)

Black Pudding

Grilled tomato (V,VN,GF)

Fried egg (V,GFO)

Bubble & Squeak (V,VNO,GFO)

Heinz Beans (V,VN,GF)

Breakfast Honiton
Cooked breakfast Honiton
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